viernes, 21 de diciembre de 2012

Always Karl

The 10 best comments of Karl Lagerfeld in this 2012:

“If I was a woman in Russia I would be a lesbian, as the men are very ugly. There are a few handsome ones, like Naomi Campbell’s boyfriend, but there you see the most beautiful women and the most horrible men.” —He told Metro.

“Kate Middleton has a nice silhouette, and she is the right girl for that boy. I like that kind of woman, I like romantic beauties. On the other hand, her sister struggles. I don’t like the sister’s face. She should only show her back.” —he told Grazia in August.

“Marriage was invented when people died at 30. Now they marry at 30 and have to do it for 60 years. Perhaps it should be based on more than sex. The idea that you will never look at anyone else, that is a problem.” —he told British Vogue.

“I hate massage and I don’t believe in massage. I hate to be touched… I’m not John Travolta.” —Lagerfeld told The Cut.

“She is a famous beauty. She is nine months old. [Model] Baptiste [Giabiconi] gave her to me for Christmas to watch for two weeks when he was away but then I refused to give her back. I thought she was too cute. She is like a kept woman. She has a strong personality. She has lunch and dinner with me on the table, with her own food. She doesn’t touch my food. She doesn’t want to eat on the floor. She sleeps under a pillow and she even knows how to use an iPad. She has two personal maids, for both night and day. She is beyond spoiled … When I am not there, the maids take down, in little books, everything she did, from what she ate, to how she behaved, if she was tired, and if she wasn’t sleeping. In the nine months, we already have almost 600 pages.” —Lagerfeld told WWD.

“The story with anorexic girls — nobody works with anorexic girls. That has nothing to do with fashion. People who have that, they have problem with family and things like this. There are less than 1 percent of anorexic girls, but there are over — in France, I don’t know about England — over 30 percent of girls who are big, big, overweight.” –he told England’s Channel 4 News in October.

“The thing at the moment is Adele. She is a little too fat, but she has a beautiful face and a divine voice.” –Lagerfeld told Metro in February.

“My favorite thing about Mrs. Obama was when she was asked if her skirt was not too tight and she answered ‘Why you don’t like my big black ass?’ I want [Barack] Obama towin because there is nothing better anyway, and especially because of her.” —he told Metro (via Vogue UK)

“I think [Queen Elizabeth] looks very good in her recent photos even better than a few years ago – beautiful, a bit like Queen Mary. She looks a little bit like her grandmother – a more smiley version. In terms of what she wears, she’s come into herself a little bit more – whatever that is.”

“Nowadays people give the middle finger quite quickly – it’s not the best behavior. Everybody does that, what’s new about that? It’s just become a bad habit. People in magazines are 50% bimbo and 50% pregnant women.” —he told Metro.

jueves, 20 de diciembre de 2012

The best WTF Gossip Girl moments

Well, Gossip girl has ended after 6 seasons!!! Now too many people like me are so sad, but I’d like to take a moment to reminisce about some of my favorite WTFGossip Girl moments:

— Chuck Bass’ vocal evolution from normal-speaking person to full-on Bale-Batman.
— The threesome with Dan, Vanessa, and Hilary Duff. That happened.
— Valley Girls, the spin-off starring Brittany Snow and Krysten Ritter about Lily’s life as an Almost Famous-style groupie in California.
— The time Serena and Dan got it on in the Jitney bathroom.
— Chuck owned a burlesque high school.
— The notion that Chace Crawford could ever run a successful newspaper, especially in this extremely difficult time in the publishing industry. Oh, and that newspaper had a private plane in the series finale.
— Nate Archibald for mayor. I can’t even process that one.
— At the beginning of every show, Gossip Girl whispers, “Where has she been, Serena?” But like, didn’t they answer that question in the pilot? She was at boarding school. Case closed, everyone.
— The mysterious disappearance of Jenny Humphrey, Eric van der Woodsen, and Vanessa Abrams.
— Serena’s relationship with the guy her mother had thrown in jail for statutory rape.
— Georgina Sparks, just in general.
— Dan’s hair evolution, again, just in general.
— Cameos in the finale: Michael Bloomberg, Jessica Szohr, Willa Holland, Katie Cassidy, Rachel Bilson, Taylor Momsen, Connor Paolo, Wallace Shawn, Lisa Loeb, and Kristen Bell.
— OMFG, they all had iPhones in the finale. It’s about time.

Finally, please humor me by allowing me to close this requiem for a scene in the most obvious way possible:

Who am I? That’s a secret I’ll never tell. Okay, fine, I’m Dan Humphrey, as voiced by Kristen Bell.

You know you loved it. 



miércoles, 19 de diciembre de 2012

Christmas list


Mis regalos perfectos para esta Navidad:

My perfects gifts for this Christmas: 

Celine's bag
Chanel black jacket
Holidays in Côte d'azur

lunes, 10 de diciembre de 2012

My best Partner

Dentro del mundo de la moda, el trabajo en equipo es un "must have" y de a dos todo es mejor, aquí las parejas de la moda más famosas:

Inside the fashion world, teamwork is a "must have" and with two everything is better, here couples most famous fashion:

Grace & Anna
Jane Birkin & Hermes 
Dolce & Gabbana
Givenchy & Audrey 
Mr. & Mrs. Missioni 
Jack McCollough & Lazaro Hernandez. 
Sofía & Marc
David & Iman
Karl & Choupette

viernes, 30 de noviembre de 2012

Alexander Wang va a Balenciaga

Tras semanas de rumores se ha conocido el nombre del elegido para sustituir a Nicolas Ghesquière como director creativo de Balenciaga. Aunque falta la confirmación oficial de la firma, todo apunta a que Alexander Wang tomará las riendas de la casa en las próximas semanas.

Al menos así lo asegura WWD. La elección de Wang se ha interpretado en la industria como un guiño hacia un público más joven y desenfadado. “Creo que la gente conecta conmigo. Se identifican conmigo por mi background y la capacidad para conectar con la gente de mi generación de Nueva York o Londres”, explicó el diseñador en una reciente entrevista. De raíces taiwanesas, Wang nació y se crió en San Francisco y estudió diseño en Parsons School of Design.

According to market sources, the PPR-owned fashion house picked the buzzy New York designer to succeed Nicolas Ghesquière, who is to officially exit Balenciaga today. Balenciaga officials had no comment on Thursday. Wang officials did not respond to a request for comment.

A designer in the sleek-and-modern fashion mold of Ghesquière, but with a streetwise edge and a tinge of Goth, Wang has become one the brightest stars of the American fashion scene with his groovy T-shirts, studded handbags and high-impact fashion shows. He is also admired for his commercial savvy, having rapidly built a sizable business with manufacturing muscle and a global footprint.

More info 

Fuente WWD.

miércoles, 28 de noviembre de 2012

In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye on HBO

In Vogue: The Editor's Eye, es el nuevo documental de HBO se estrena este jueves 6 de diciembre y coincide con  el 120 aniversario de la revista Vogue. El documental echa un vistazo a algunas de las imágenes más icónicas del mundo de la moda concebidas por los editores más influyentes de Vogue.

In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye, coinciding with the 120th anniversary of Vogue, debuts Thursday, December 6 exclusively on HBO.  The documentary film takes a look at some of the world’s most influential fashion images as conceived by the magazine’s iconic fashion editors.

"Las personas que son responsables de las imágenes de moda son los editores de moda", dice Anna Wintour, "Ellos siempre han sido nuestra arma secreta, así que me pareció que podíamos celebrar a Vogue, y también, al mismo tiempo, celebrar estos grandes editores ".

“The people who are responsible for the fashion images are the fashion editors,” says Anna Wintour, “They have always been our secret weapon, so it seemed to me that we could celebrate Vogue, and also, at the same time, celebrate these great editors.”

Basándose en archivos excepcionales de Vogue, el documental cuenta con detrás de cámaras y entrevistas con los editores que han contribuido al legado de Vogue, como, Anna Wintour, Grace Coddington, Goodman tonelada, Polly Allen Mellen, Nickerson Camilla, Posnick Phyllis y Babs Simpson.

Drawing on Vogue’s exceptional archives, the film features behind-the-scenes interviews with editors who have contributed to the magazine’s legacy, like, Anna Wintour; fashion editors such as Grace Coddington, Tonne Goodman, Polly Allen Mellen, Camilla Nickerson, Phyllis Posnick and Babs Simpson.


lunes, 26 de noviembre de 2012

La vie en Rose

Dicen que la vida es mejor cuando es de color rosa... Ya lo cantaba Edith Piaf, "...cualquier tarde gris, es de color rosa..." yo creo que así es, igual que la canción, que habla de una vida plena, sin preocupaciones, feliz y por supuesto en ¡¡¡¡¡París!!!!!

They say life is better when is pink ... Edith Piaf singing already, "... any gray afternoon, is pink ..." I think so, just like the song, which speaks of a full life, carefree, happy and of course in Paris!!!!!!

El rosa no se trata de ser cursi (iughhh) se trata de ser feliz, de usar el sentido diferente y no el común, es acerca de en vez de estar pensando en los problemas, mejor pensar en las soluciones. La vida es del color que tú la quieras ver, pero el rosa es un color muy bonito y sí, algunas cosas se ven mejor de rosa.

Pink is not about being cheesy (iughhh) is about being happy to use the different sense and not common, is about instead of thinking about problems, the best is  to think in solutions. Life is the color you want to see it, but the pink color is very nice and yes, somethings looks better in pink.

viernes, 23 de noviembre de 2012

Departamento fuera de serie

¿Alguna vez has soñado con vivir en el departamento de Carrie Bradshawl? ¿Y qué hay del departamento de Holly Golightly? El decorador español Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde se ha decidido a ilustrar los planos de los departamentos de los protagonistas de algunas de las series más famosas de la tele.

Have you ever dreamed of living in the department Bradshawl Carrie? What about Holly Golightly department? The Spanish decorator Ready Lizarralde Iñaki has decided to illustrate the plans of the departments of the protagonists of some of the most popular series on TV.

Aquí puedes ver toda la colección de ilustraciones, en la que se incluye también los depas de Friends y muchos más.

In the link "colección" you can see all the collection which also includes the Depas of Friends and many more.

jueves, 22 de noviembre de 2012

Maison Martin Margiela Has a New Designer

Con el más reciente auge de Maison Martin Margiela por su colaboración con H&M, hoy más que nunca "está de moda", y que por cierto, al parecer toda su colección está sold out ¡¡¡¡en todo el mundo!!!!! Si esto es verdad y ya no alcanzaste comprar tu prenda favorita , este link te puede interesar.

With the most recent boom of Maison Martin Margiela for his collaboration with H&M, now more than ever "is fashionable", and by the way, apparently his collection is sold out worldwide!! ! If this is true and no longer buy your favorite item you reached, may be you are interested in the link upside.

Además de esta noticia, la casa de moda ha anunciado que tiene una nueva diseñadora llamada Ivana Omazic, quien nada más ¡¡¡¡estuvo a cargo de Céline antes de Phoebe Philo!!!!! ahora ocupará el puesto de creativo senior en Maison Martin Margiela.

In addition to this news, the fashion house has announced a new designer named Ivana Omazic, who just was in charge of Céline before Phoebe Philo!! Now fill the position of senior creative Maison Martin Margiela.

El nuevo puesto de Omazic es particularmente interesante teniendo en cuenta que los diseñadores de la casa funcionan como una unidad colectiva en lugar de un equipo dirigido por un diseñador. Incluso antes de que Martin Margiela saliera de la casa en 2009, se negó a salir al final de sus desfiles, y la casa sólo aceptó entrevistas a través de fax. 

The new position of Omazic is particularly interesting considering that the designers of the house work as a collective unit rather than a team led by a designer. Even before Martin Margiela left the house in 2009, he refused to leave at the end of his shows, and home interviews only accepted via fax.

Y a pesar de la noticia del nombramiento Omazic, parece que la política de anonimato sigue en pie, ya que cuando WWD preguntó por Omazic, la casa respondió diciendo que no hace comentarios sobre los miembros individuales.

And spite of the news of the appointment Omazic seems that the policy of anonymity remains, because when WWD asked Omazic, the House responded by saying it does not comment about individual members.

¡No puedo esperar a ver la nueva colección de MMM!

I can't wait to see the new collection of MMM!!!!

martes, 20 de noviembre de 2012

El último Vogue Hommes Japan

Nicola Formichetti, directora de moda de la actual Vogue Hommes Japón, ha anunciado a través de su Tumblr que la última impresión de ésta será la de Otoño/Invierno 2012-2013. 

Nicola Formichetti, fashion director of Vogue Hommes Japan current, has announced via her Tumblr that the final impression of the magazine will be the Fall / Winter 2012-2013.

Dando así finalización a la publicación de Condé Nast, la última edición contará con una nota de portada sobre Hedi Slimane y Formichetti, al igual que la primera, después de cuatro años. 

Giving ending to the publication of Condé Nast, the latest edition will feature a cover story about Hedi Slimane and Formichetti, like the first, after four years.

jueves, 15 de noviembre de 2012

Electric Holiday

Ya hace unas semanas les había dado un adelanto de la campaña navideña de Barneys NY y Disney,  ayer fue la fiesta y presentación oficial de todos los personajes del mundo de la moda y de Disney que serán protagonistas de esta fantástica campaña.

Since a few weeks ago had given you a preview of the Christmas campaign of Barneys NY and Disney, yesterday was the official launch party and all the characters in the world of fashion and Disney will be protagonists of this fantastic campaign.

¿Quién no quisiera ser Mimi en este video?

Who isn't to be Mimmi on this video?

¿Reconoces a todos los persones?

Can you recognize all the people?